Thursday, May 22, 2014

May stories update #3

May 16: Prompt: Shame. I started out writing a shame story but that didn't last much past the concept stage. Then it became a 700 word story about Ambrose reading a spell and trying to figure out how to not become bacon in the future.

May 17 & 18: Another weekend. Forgive me as I wander off a bit here.

I've been in novel mode straight up until May 1. And beyond. In the midst of everything else going on, I'm editing novel chapters as critiques come in (and I'm behind. Surprise, surprise.). I'm still rather in that mode. I'm supposed to be in short story mode, and even though I pants my way through both lengths, shorts take a very different focus. No matter which angle I headed off in with this story, the idea kept getting too big and too many characters wanted in on the action.

I'd started out with a nugget of an idea. I liked this idea. Then I re-read the theme for the anthology I was asked to attempt to try for and, gah, my idea didn't exactly fit. It was off in sorta kinda territory. But liked it. But it didn't fit. So I changed it up. And nope. So I went a step back to where I'd been originally heading. Nope. Okay fine. I went to back to the story I wanted to tell. And things clicked. Now I just need to find time to finish it. Will it fit? More importantly, will I even get it done by the 20th? We'll see.

Knowing I was percolating Colonization 2.0 and changes to Sahmara's novel, I spent the majority of the weekend working on the new house: digging footings and leveling the entire basement floor on my hand and knees. It was quite a workout, but yay for progress. Geothermal and concrete are going on this week and next week: the framing begins! Exciting stuff.

Exhausted by the end of each day, I indulged in some book crack: Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream Warrior. I did enjoy this installment in her world, but the ending was disappointing...because it didn't end. The romance plot was resolved but the other half of the plot was left dangling. While I didn't throw the book (Yes, I have really done that.), turning that last page left me annoyed. However, I do love her world so I'm sure we'll make up soon.

May 19: I know how Colonization 2.0 ends. I just can't get time to write it. So frustrating!

May 20: Oh hey, another day happened with a whole paragraph of writing accomplished. On the brighter side, framing on the house starts next week, and thanks to a massive rush of work, I know my bills will be paid.

May 21: Headdesk.

Current tally: Shorts that worked and might become something good: 4
Shorts that I set aside for later: 3
Days I didn't get to write: Too many


  1. You're more disciplined than I am. Back in January I sat down to write a short story based on something Andrew Leon said and 121 pages later I had something more than a short story and something less than what most would consider a novel (although I'm not a snob and I consider it a novel), and now I've been editing that and working on it since then, so if a story feels bigger to me I tend to just keep going.

    But then, I haven't had as much stuff published as you, so maybe there's something to this discipline. That's what my parents, coaches, bosses, and now my wife have always maintained, anyway.

    I hope that anthology reference was a teaser that we're going to get a time travel story from you. Not to pressure you or anything. I would never do anything to try to intimidate you. That's the job of these two rather large guys I brought along with me.

    Bruno? Rocky?

    Hey, guys?

    I should never have gone with the low-budget Rent-A-Bruiser. Next time, I'm springing for Bruisers, Inc., whatever the cost.

  2. Down Bruno and Rocky! I've got the stuff, man, really, I do...but it's still a rough draft. How soon do you need it?

    The anthology I'm working on the colonization story for is a joint project between a bunch of people in my critique group. And yeah, it was due on the 20th,and it's not done yet. AHHhhhhhhh. Hopefully later tonight I can pound out the end. Got a good chunk done this morning so it shouldn't be too much longer. Maybe.


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