Thursday, March 28, 2019

Enjoying a few moments of relaxation

Spring is a busy time for me in terms of the day job and gardening, but the garden and yard work part hasn't kicked in yet because we're still thawing out a bit. However, my daughter informs me that Spring Break starts tomorrow so surely we must do something. My version of doing something is this:
sitting with my feet up in my comfy chair with a book and a couple beers.
Apparently that's not age appropriate for my sixteen year old so I'm doing that now. Tomorrow, we're heading across the state to enjoy a small aquarium, though the largest in Michigan, because she's considering going into Marine Biology. We're also planning to check out a science museum, because she's a science nerd. I say that lovingly. She's a smart kid. Who knows what other stops we'll make. I'm loosely planned road trip kind of person. 

April is full of big things so I'm going to get my day or two of relaxing in now while I can. What things you ask? Come on, pretend you asked.

April 3 is release day for the very long awaited (for me, at least) Trust: Book One of The Narvan. You can pre-order your print copy from the publisher if you'd like to beat Amazon to their cut.

April 6 my first child does become age-appropriate for drinking a beer or two. Surprisingly, this doesn't make me feel old, but does explain why both my husband and I have so much grey hair for being in our thirties. Which is how old it seems like we are until we think about it. The fun hair color (currently blue and purple) does a nice job of concealing that.

April 6 is also Fandom Fest in Benton Harbor. This is fun little con put on by several local libraries and is totally free to attend. I'll be there with many other authors, selling and signing our books. My daughter will be joining me to sell her artwork. Illustration is her second choice if the Marine Biology thing doesn't pan out.

April 13 is a local craft show at Zeeland high school where I hope to find some new readers with fellow author, Diane Burton. She's got a new book out too. If you have any young readers looking for sci-fi adventure, check out Rescuing Mara's Father.

April 20 will be long day up in Traverse City with author Ingar Rudholm at both a craft show and a book signing at Bookbrokers and Kramers.

April 28 will be my first time at my hometown con, Tulip City Comics and Toy Fare, also with Ingar Rudholm.

If you're around Michigan at any point this year, I'm all over with an assortment of other authors. Check out the places to find me over here --->

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

March post post IWSG

Apparently I never set my IWSG post to actually post. Duh. I swear, this whole long drawn out illness thing has eaten my brain.

So now that's come and gone and I figured I'd better prove I'm still alive. I'm doing better now, just trying to catch up on the weeks of stuff I let slip by while I was coughing my lungs out.

Last weekend was a long tiring one, but I met some new readers at Alma Con, a small con put on by the students at Alma College. It was a lot of driving for me, back and forth to the three days of the con, but not far enough away to warrant getting a hotel room. The drive was not much fun on Saturday night as there was a storm moving through that coated everyone's car in a good layer of frozen rain. The roads were also covered in a layer of sleet. Good times. I'm glad that part of the adventure is over.

The next two weekends of events are closer to home and I'm looking forward to spending some time with my gang of local authors.

Trust is scheduled to release on April 3. Watch for more about that very soon. I supposed that means I also need to get posts ready for those of you who have graciously offered to host a blog post. So much to do. So little time.

In other fun news, I've been working on sewing some pop up tent covers for a few outdoor events I'm doing this summer. No more boring white tents for me! Unfortunately, that means my writing space, which is also my crafting space, is full of fabric and half finished tent covers. Did I mention, I'm also in the midst of sewing a cosplay costume for my daughter and a ren fair dress for her or me - we haven't fought over it enough yet to decide. Maybe I can find a way to make it fit both of us (not at once, that'd be weird), but she's a size 0 and I'm...not. I'll have to get my brain on that in the few minutes a day that it's creatively functional lately.

Until next time...