Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holidays and Resolutions

With the holidays in reach, I'm enjoying a couple quiet days in my chair with my laptop. Presents are wrapped and waiting, cookies baked, house cleaned, groceries purchased, yep, I'm ready to go. And so I'm relaxing.

Because that's my one word for 2016: Relax

I don't even recall what my one word resolution was for 2015. It should have been: Survive. Because I'm insane, I chose: Write. (because 2014 failed at that word) This was a ludicrous idea considering I was still building the damn house and then there was the moving and finishing and unpacking. Ugh. If I could twist that word into: Publish, then I will say that I succeeded. Though, I did write too, but not until November. Hey, the last two months totally count for the full year, right? Sure they do.

This year I hope to spend more time in this chair writing with my feet up - not being stressed out, and exhausted. I'm sure there will still be stress, my oldest plans to be heading off to college, the younger is a teenage girl. Enough said.

Does it look and feel like Christmas by you? We're having the best winter weather ever. I'm on the lakeshore in West Michigan and should be under a couple of feet of snow by now, trudging about in my winter boots and weighed down by thick winter coat, gloves, scarves and a hat, brushing off my car at every errand stop while freezing my butt off. Instead, I wore my sandals last week and drove with my window down. Okay, this is Michigan, and it was 50 degrees and sunny, That's sandal weather. Sure, it's been rainy, but I don't have to shovel rain or pay the plow guy to do the driveway. This is awesome compared the to the last couple years of winter hell. And it totally figures that we'd have a warmer winter when I'm not frantically trying to finish a building a house during snowstorms or moving in the middle of record cold temperatures. Because that's how things work.

But I'm relaxing so it's all good.

Fun link for the week:
Our final thoughts on NaNoWriMo 2015 are now live on Lectito. In which I learn two of the other participants planned way the hell more than I did, but we all still made it to 50K.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

My New Chair

As a reward for finally getting back into the groove of writing and completing NaNoWriMo in record time (for me), I bought myself the chair I've been waiting for. There's been a hole in my office, awaiting it's arrival.

The issue was that I couldn't decide which chair was right for me and for writing productively, you know, meaning I wouldn't be so comfortable that I'd fall asleep. Because I do that. Yet, it had to be good for my back and shoulders, because those bother the hell out of me in my current desk chair. So after dragging my daughter around the furniture store for about an hour, sitting here and there, on black friday, no less (because: sales), I finally decided on this one.

The deciding factor? Funny thing was I'd all but paid for a totally different chair that was $150 less, but then my sister called. She was having a personal crisis, so I sat in the most expensive of the chairs I'd been contemplating, and we talked. The salesman kept not-so-discretely wandering by, giving me the 'are you done yet' eye. By the end of the conversation, my back demanded that chair. It's backrest was so tall that even I, who often towers over others, could rest my head on the chair. The arms were wide enough to comfortably allow for typing. The detached leg rest was perfect for my bad legs and still allowed me to get up without doing the awkward dismount from a standard recliner.

The only one who isn't wild about my chair? My little dog. Because she's not allowed on it. Bummer. Sorry, there's not room for a dog and a laptop. But I did buy her a new little bed so she can curl up next to my writing throne.

Speaking if which, it's time to get back to get comfortable and do some of that writing stuff.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Published: Kick The Cat

Now that NaNo is all wrapped up and so are a few Christmas presents, I'm enjoying some writing time at a less harried pace from the comfort of my new writing chair. I'll share more about that next time.

Today, I'm happy to announce that the fall issue of the 3288 Review is now available, which features my short story, Kick The Cat.

You may remember that Kick the Cat was written during A Story A Day In May. I'm looking forward to a creating a host of new short stories next spring and will again be accepting ideas and prompts in April during Blogging A to Z.

Kick The Cat is a quirky little story about a sexy sorceress, her boyfriend, and the cat who hates his guts. I hope you enjoy it.