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The Narvan - Space Opera Series

One Shot at the Sphinx - Book 0

Chesser Ta’set’s mission to intercept the Jalvian’s next moves is imperative. Without them his people will soon lose the war with Jal and his entire star system will be in chaos. Meeting a human spy with the telepathic skill necessary to slip into his target’s thoughts presents an avenue that will greatly multiply the odds of his success. All he needs to do is convince her to blow her cover and risk her life for a stranger from a world she doesn’t know.


Trust - Book 1 
Protecting the human advisor who brought peace to VayenTa’set’s star system seems like the perfect opportunity to make life better for his people. Deep in Kazan’s world of bribes, blackmail, and assassins, Vayen must eliminate the threats to his boss and his homeworld without becoming a target himself. It’s hard to make your mark on the universe if you’re dead.


Chain Of Grey - Book 2
There are too many hands vying for the Narvan, sinking the system into chaos. Vayen’s well-intentioned plans have blown up and his homeworld, along with everyone else, is suffering. Staying out of it will get him killed. Unfortunately, his odds with jumping into it aren’t much better.

Bound In Blue - Book 3 
The Narvan is attacked by an enemy Vayen prayed he’d never face again. His nightmares come alive as havoc spreads across the system. Now he must face his darkest terror before everything he loves is ripped away.

Seeker - Book 4 

Political upheaval threatens to erupt into a war. In spite of doing everything he can to be good, the public has labeled Vayen a mutant and a tyrant. To bring peace to the Narvan and beyond, he’ll need to become exactly what they say he is. 

Tears of the Tyrant - Book 5 

Rumors of Tyrant Ta’set’s killing sprees have spread throughout the known universe. Or are they truths? Vayen’s hold on his deadly Arpex abilities is slipping. If he loses control, he’ll be executed and his mission of unification and peace will die with him. Is the Ta’set family, the Narvan, and the newly-formed advisory union prepared for a future where Vayen takes the one life that will send him over the edge?

The Minor Years - A Narvan Novel (1.5)

On idyllic Veria Minor, Anastassia struggles to fit into a life she never wanted. If she wants to stay among the living, she must learn to forgive and adapt.

When the Narvan unexpectedly falls into Jey and Merkief’s hands they find themselves at each other’s throats and waging a covert battle with Kess. If the violence explodes, everyone will suffer.

Short Story Collections

Dreams of Stars and Lies 

A collection of five science fiction stories. Tales of aliens, time travel, far away worlds.

Destiny Pills & Space Wizards

A collection of sixteen short stories including, science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal . Tales of aliens, time travel, far away worlds. Ghosts, dragons, wizards in space, thieves on faraway worlds and a very angry cat.

Everyone Dies: A Collection of Dark Tales

Death lurks in the choices we make. 

Otherworldly creatures, the not-so-dearly departed, fellow man, and creations of our own demise patiently wait while we bumble through life, thinking we are in control.


The end is always near.


Children's Books

Kay-Kay The Littlest Chicken - Children's Picture Book
Born different than the other chickens, Kay-Kay is picked on. Sad and lonely, she hopes that one day she'll find a home where she is loved.


Frayed - Urban Fantasy

When an angel shows up to hand Samuel Mason a task he never asked for, his first reaction is to refuse. Killing the little boy next door is unthinkable. But there's a contract with his name on it and the angel won't take no for an answer. 

Fulfilling his task will ruin Sam's life, his family, and devastate the boy's mother. How long can a good kid hold out before he becomes the very thing society expects him to be?

Spindelkin - YA Fantasy

Cursed eleven-year-old Princess Amira escapes the room where she’s been confined all her life to visit her new baby brother. When she discovers he’s been born with a tail and golden scales, she sets off on a journey to the Spindelskov, a forest filled with nightmarish creatures to find answers that may save them both. 

Not Another Bard's Tale - Fantasy Parody

Bruce Gawain sets out on a knightly quest to find fame and fortune. Instead he finds a lovesick troll, an evil overlord with looming prophecy issues, and a dragon who threatening to eat the townspeople until its stolen treasure is returned. Traveling with his companions, the pan-wielding Mydeara and Harold, a negligibly talented bard, can Bruce complete a host of side quests and save the people of Holden from the vengeful dragon?

Sahmara - Fantasy

Sahmara, an escaped slave in an enemy country, prays for help, but the assistance of the gods has a price.  Along with her lovers Olando and Sara, she may be the one to help take her homeland back if she can only find the strength within herself. 

The Last God - Science Fiction Romance 
Abducting the angry and suicidal god of war might not be Logan’s wisest choice, but she’s the weapon that might be able to defeat the army of Matouk, who destroyed his homeworld. If he can show her how to love, they might save each other from the terrors that plague his nights and all of her days.

A Broken Race - Dystopian

The fortress is home to the last of civilized humanity. A Wildmen raid changes One-fifty-two’s world forever. Emboldened by the promises of a captive, his eyes are opened to the secrets behind the order he has always known. What he does with that knowledge may save humanity or lead them all to extinction.


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