Trust: Book One of The Narvan
Space Opera

Protecting the human advisor who brought peace to his star system is the perfect opportunity for Vayen Ta’set to make a difference in the lives of his people. But then he learns Anastassia Kazan is only middle management. Her bosses have other plans for the resource-rich Narvan and so do the neighboring Fragians.

Neck deep in Kazan’s world of bribes, blackmail, assassins, Vayen must eliminate the threats to his boss and his homeworld without becoming a target himself. It’s hard to make your mark on the universe if you’re dead.

April 2019 Caffeinated Press
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Chains of Gray: Book Two of The Narvan
Space Opera 

When old friends turn into enemies and old enemies want him dead for real this time, Vayen must destroy the High Council to protect his family and his homeworld once and for all.
To be Published: 2019 Caffeinated Press

Bound in Blue: Book Three of The Narvan
Space Opera

The Council may be destroyed but nightmares live on in Vayen's head and soon the worst of them invade the Navan itself. Fighting through the holes the Arpex have eaten through his memories and those of many others, including his mate's, he must cleanse the Narvan of chaos and win Anastassia back.
To be Published: 2020 Caffeinated Press

Destiny Pills and Space Wizards
Speculative Fiction

A short story collection of my work from the past eight years. Destiny Pills and Space Wizards contains sixteen short stories for YA readers and adults. Wizards in space, an angry cat, a thief on a far away world, dragons, mermaids and so much more.

July 2018 Available in print and ebook on Amazon

The Last God
Science Fiction Romance

Jane’s race of god-like beings has caused chaos and left war-ravaged planets throughout the universe since the beginning of time. Her homeworld is about to fulfill her wish: for the reign of her people to end.

On a mission to the doomed planet of Kaldara, Logan witnesses a violent battle between gods. One of them could offer a defense against the ruthless army of Matouk that destroyed his people.

Abducting an angry and suicidal god might not be a wise choice, but if the god of war can learn to love, they both might discover a future worth living for.

June 2017 Available in print and ebook on Amazon


Deep in the enemy land of Atheria, one young woman escapes her captors only to find herself alone, unarmed, and starving. Torn from her life of privilege and the arms of her ma’hasi lover, Sahmara is unfit for life on the run. The well-being of her family is unknown, and if Zane isn’t dead, he is a slave. No one is coming to save her.

Desperate, Sahmara prays for help. She does not expect her prayer to be answered by an ancient woman with a thirst for blood. Along with her lovers Olando and Sara, she may be the one to help take her homeland back if she can only find the strength within herself.

October 2016  Available in print and ebook on Amazon

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A Broken Race
Dystopian Fiction

The fortress is home to the last of civilized humanity. The few remaining women live in a vault far below the men who labor for their survival and the walls that protect them all. A virus in generations past and inbreeding since, has left average men severely outnumbered by Simples. Humanity, as it once was, is broken.

Outside those walls live the Wildmen who are desperate for the treasures of the fortress. Seeking women to once again fill their ranks with healthy children and something other than rats to fill their stomachs, they launch one last raid. One of them makes it inside alive.

One-fifty-two is a Simple. The raid fills his world with smoke and fear. Seeking the comfort of his mother and emboldened by the promises of a Wildman captive, his eyes are opened to the secrets behind the order he has always known. What he does with that knowledge may save humanity or lead them all to extinction.

October 2015  Available in print and ebook on Amazon

Short Stories

Science Fiction
Trapped alone on a space ship, Zephros, the last wizard, discovers the secret to saving humanity that his kind has hidden from themselves for generations, but is he willing to succeed?
Fall 2010 Tales of the Talisman

The Employer
Sam has a job to do. Unfortunately, that means he's been stuck in a cave, serving a bloodthirsty dragon for the past two years. He's watched the dragon eat countless innocent people and he's filled inventory books with pages of tribute brought to appease the fire-breathing terror. Through it all, he's served his boss with devotion. But when supplicants start spouting off an odd phrase, Sam's loyalty is truly put to the test.
Spring 2011 The First Line

Children of The Trees
When Hemina's body and her tree dwelling people are attacked by a God in need of a physical form, she finds that her own Goddess is missing and someone has to take up the slack.
November 2012 Liquid Imagination

A Little Thing Like Death
Science Fiction
Bill wants to know why Kate never returned from the Cedar Springs Revival Center. What he finds there doesn't make the truth any easier to bear.
January 2014 Isotropic Fiction

Taking A Breather
Dark Fantasy
This little mermaid seeks to find a husband to free herself from her tyrant father, but there's a price for freedom and everyone is going to pay.
November 2015 Theian Journal

Space Commander
Science Fiction
A message from a smoking X-box changes a man's future. Will Xerxes become the space commander humanity needs?
July 2014 The First Annual IWM Indie-Pendence Day Anthology: Time Travel!

Fairy Tale
An incident with a cart sidetracks a man and his date with true love
April 2015 Bards and Sages Quarterly

Jillian is tired of being bound to her healing gift. When a desperate mother with a critically wounded child invades her room, she discovers that her gift is both a curse and her salvation.
March 2015 Acidic Fiction: Corrosive Chronicles

Giving Chase
Science Fiction
Chase Samuels needs a way out of the political drama overtaking a planet he never intended to be trapped on before his thieving ways land him in jail. Stealing a little girl might be his ticket to freedom.
Fall 2016 Caffeinated Press Brewed Awakenings 2

Speculative Fiction
An auto accident leaves Josiah disoriented and unable to communicate. He must escape the two people who keep him confined so he can return to his wife and son.
Fall 2016 Caffeinated Press Brewed Awakenings 2

Out of print:

Little Adam MacIntire discovers a special place to play with his new friend Caroline, a place where no one can hear or see them.
Winter 2012 Vol 20 Allegory

The Spell
Ambrose's life hinges on being the best babysitter ever.
April 10 2015 Saturday Night Reader

Chetric The Grand
Fantasy Humor
A storm. A video game. A mysterious note on his back. Here's hoping the grand wizard Chetric can fulfill his quest and find his way home.
Winter 2017 Pack Anthology

Kick The Cat
Fantasy Humor
John hates Shireen's angry cat, but maybe he should have taken the hint.
Fall 2015 3288 Review

Sunset Cruise
Marriage is a fairy tale on a cruise ship.
March 2014 Writing Through Divorce