Sunday, December 13, 2015

My New Chair

As a reward for finally getting back into the groove of writing and completing NaNoWriMo in record time (for me), I bought myself the chair I've been waiting for. There's been a hole in my office, awaiting it's arrival.

The issue was that I couldn't decide which chair was right for me and for writing productively, you know, meaning I wouldn't be so comfortable that I'd fall asleep. Because I do that. Yet, it had to be good for my back and shoulders, because those bother the hell out of me in my current desk chair. So after dragging my daughter around the furniture store for about an hour, sitting here and there, on black friday, no less (because: sales), I finally decided on this one.

The deciding factor? Funny thing was I'd all but paid for a totally different chair that was $150 less, but then my sister called. She was having a personal crisis, so I sat in the most expensive of the chairs I'd been contemplating, and we talked. The salesman kept not-so-discretely wandering by, giving me the 'are you done yet' eye. By the end of the conversation, my back demanded that chair. It's backrest was so tall that even I, who often towers over others, could rest my head on the chair. The arms were wide enough to comfortably allow for typing. The detached leg rest was perfect for my bad legs and still allowed me to get up without doing the awkward dismount from a standard recliner.

The only one who isn't wild about my chair? My little dog. Because she's not allowed on it. Bummer. Sorry, there's not room for a dog and a laptop. But I did buy her a new little bed so she can curl up next to my writing throne.

Speaking if which, it's time to get back to get comfortable and do some of that writing stuff.

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  1. Hi Jean - looks like a good conversation was had - leading to a very sensible decision ... it looks very comfortable and smart! Cheers Hilary


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