Thursday, May 1, 2014

Its May!

...and that means is short story month, thanks to A Story A Day In May. I won't be posting stories here because, assuming they don't totally suck, I'll be attempting to publish some of them. However, I will be updating my progress every few days.

I work best from a prompt so thanks to all of you who dropped by on X day to offer up some great ideas. I'll be digging into those throughout the month. I also get daily prompts from the storyaday website and have grabbed a few from other sources yesterday. (Have I mentioned my procrastination problem?) As long as I can make time to write and my brain doesn't turn to mush, I have plenty of idea fodder to work with.

That alone puts me ahead of last year. To make things even slightly more successful this year, I'm attempting to keep my stories short. To date, 1,500 words is really darn short for me. I'm going to a attempt to keep them more in the 500 to 1,000 range, even if that means just getting the bones written so I can add the meat later.

Day 1: Prompt: Fear I went for a 900 word MG (I don't write MG so this was new for me) about girls in a cemetery. One is dared by the others to steal something.


  1. I am sad that you're not going to be posting at least some of the stories.

    But on the bright side, I'm putting a positive review of your blog into our monthly magazine for the May issue, which ought to come out this week, God willing and the river don't rise. So there's that.

    MG is middle grade, right?

  2. Oh awesome! Thanks!

    Yes, middle grade.

    I could post a few, but they'd be the ones that didn't work and I knew for sure I wouldn't be attempting to sell...but they don't work and no one wants to read that. :D Hmm, however, I do have a couple in my back burner file that I like but don't really have a market. I might be motivated to post one or two of those during the month.

  3. Best of luck for your intrepid adventures in story telling this month!

  4. Good luck with your short stories this month! I hate that you won't be sharing them here, but completely understand why. I hope some of them do get published!


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