Thursday, May 15, 2014

May stories update #2

May 7: Umm. Life happened.

May 8: It's 11pm already?  Yawn.

May 9: Prompt: Colonization - 2,100 words (attempting to make up for yesterday) into the 4K story I'm aiming for. Tia wanted a better and exciting life. The colony on Jaboa might be better, but better for whom?

May 10 & 11: Ah the weekend: So full of aspirations... So few things actually accomplished. And none of them writing related. Well, except for reviewing the pile of critiques that came in on my current novel project and realizing how much more work it still needs.

May 12: Back to work on Colonization. After staring the cursor for an hour and forcing out a few lackluster paragraphs, I've come to the conclusion that this story is just not going anywhere. Which is annoying because it started out with promise. Started on a new Colonization story going in a different direction. Got 430 words into that effort so far.

May 13: Hit 2K on Colonization 2.0. Not sure this one is working either, but it's keeping my interest more so than the first attempt. We'll see what happens with it tomorrow.

May 14: Taking a colonization break. Today's prompt (slightly altered): via Nick from X day:  Xerxes and his smoking Xbox and I'm also working in the IWM time travel prompt. Got 900 words in before life took over

May 15: Worked out the end of the Xbox story. Finished at: 2,300

May Current tally: Shorts that worked and might become something good: 3
Shorts that I set aside for later: 3
Days I didn't get to write: 7


  1. Whoa, you used my prompt? Cool, I hope I can get a chance to see it. Think that was the only day I managed to hit your blog during A-Z!

    I'd say that's a pretty good week's progress in terms of wordage. Even those stories that didn't get finished, they might come good in time.

    1. It was a good thing you picked that day to stop by. :)

      We'll see how well the story cleans up once the month is over and if nothing else, I'll email you a copy.

  2. Sounds like you've set yourself a tough schedule, and Life does have a habit of getting in the way :(

    1. A tough schedule is the only way I seem to be productive in writing. Then I can guilt myself into writing rather than working.

  3. YES! Looking forward to your time-travel story. Sorry about "Colonization" but it seems like you've got a few ideas out of that? So something will work out.

    1. I'll get it to you by the end of the month. It needs some cleaning up first.

      I think I have the Colonization one worked out. I kept slipping into novel mode and adding too much detail and too many characters.


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