Sunday, June 1, 2014

May stories update #4

May 22: Ugh.

May 23: Progress on Colonization 2.0

May 24. Yes, a Saturday, but its done!!! At 6,100 words, Sipper (Colonization 2.0) is now complete.

May 25: Sunday was head out to look at entry doors for the house that would totally blow our door budget and then shop online at home for ones that we can afford. I also managed to get Sipper and Space Commander edited and sent off.

May 26: Memorial Day, which means up early for the parade and running the boy around for marching band, but I got some critiquing done before heading out to haul branches and logs at the construction site.

May 27: X marks the spot prompt contemplation day. I got the story mostly ironed out in my head, but after 14 hours straight of work and running errands, I find myself lacking the ability to REfreakingLAX enough to write.

May 28: Treasured is complete at 500 words. Contemplating whether I'm happy with the title or story.

May 29: Really want to get to Braine's ear flap hat prompt, but work and bills and house stuff had my brain scattered all day. Did some editing on Treasured (still teetering on the might be good or shelf scale) and played with tweaking my blog during writing time instead.

May 30: Lost cause

May 31: Saturday. There seem to be a lot of weekends this month. Well, weekends that would seem to lend themselves to some quiet time where I should be able to write. But that doesn't seem to happen. I should stop being even remotely optimistic about this and avoid the guilt of getting anything writing related accomplished.

Current tally: Shorts that worked and might become something good: 6
Shorts that I set aside for later: 4


  1. That's the worst...when Real Life drains you so much that when you have time to write, the inclination to do so has fled the scene.

    1. Indeed. This happens to me far too often over the past year or so. Once this house is built, things should settle down to a slightly more manageable schedule.

  2. You're a ball of energy. I need some of that! Keep it going.

    Tossing It Out

    1. I intend to as time allows. There I go being optimistic again. :)


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