Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Summary

Wow, May sped right by.

I knew A Story A Day In May would be a challenge thanks to my busy schedule, but it was really a challenge this year. Previously, there were days I could blow off work for an hour or two and get into a story that might be taking longer than my one hour morning writing break allowed. But oh no, not this year. Most mornings I didn't even have that single hour to create thanks to other writing obligations such as the critiques I owed to people and editing the novel others are critiquing, and sometimes, the work phone demanded to be answered and rush jobs required my time instead.

What I did get accomplished:
Sipper for a proposed colonization anthology.
Space Commander for the IWM time travel anthology.
And the following that need titles yet:

Then there are the few story starts that didn't quite pan out but might become something later.

So thank you, A Story A Day In May, for helping me birth six stories that have promise and to all of you supportive folks who stopped by to comment on my update posts throughout the month. Also, a big thank you to everyone who offered up prompts on X day during Blogging A to Z in April. Those prompts were a lot of fun to work with! I do want to get to a few more of those as time allows.

What's next for me?

Back to work on:
Editing Sahmara's novel
Editing shorts: Mother, Justice and Mary's Garden and the May stories
Submitting shorts: Giving Chase, Healer, Devolution and Late
Submitting novels: Trust and A Broken Race
Contemplating edits on: Not Another Bard's Tale, Jackpot and Angelic Intentions


  1. That's a productive month. And thanks for submitting to IWM!

  2. You've done really well in amongst your other obligations. Sounds like you have a lot of irons in the fire! Here's to some good forward progress.


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