Friday, April 26, 2013

April A to Z Characters: W

W is for William.

William is from A Broken Race. William is one of many, the leaders of the fortress that holds the best of the survivors of humanity. "Best" being a relative term.

Williams may be impotent, but they compensate by screwing everyone over when it comes to sharing the workload. They give the orders and sit back to watch them carried out. They control the breeding and who eats when. They hold they keys to the fortress and all it's punishments and rewards.

They even hold the say in who lives and who dies, right down to the hour old infants who don't meet their standards. As long as the wildmen don't get inside, the Williams are confident they have everything under control. But even infants can tell a secret. All it takes is someone to find the wrong one.

Likes: A big meal, a comfortable chair, loose clothing

Dislikes: Simples who don't listen, Jacks who learn too much and women who think for themselves.

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  1. Eek, don't like the sound of them weeding out the poor babies that don't meet their standards. Glad they're fictional!

    1. It's not a pleasant world they live in for sure.

  2. They sound like a rather unpleasant bunch!

  3. This theme really makes me think about characters I have cut, or should have cut but haven't yet ;)


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