Saturday, April 13, 2013

April A to Z Characters: L

L is for Leoric.

Otherwise known as the Mouse, Leoric hails from Swan Queen. Son of Kenric and fellow victim of Kenric's overbearing ways, Leoric is a dimwitted teenager who has sorely disappointed his father by not capturing the affections of the princess and securing his place as her husband.

Fed up with his father's verbal abuse, Leoric convinces the princess to avoid marrying his father by seeking out the banished captain of her army in the hopes of ridding the country from his father forever.

Leoric was never meant to be more than the Mouse, but he became one of the more emotionally powerful characters I've written. It turns out the dimwitted thing is just his way of coping with his father. He's really a good kid.

Though taking a break for my Camp NaNo project this month, I'm in the midst of a total rewrite of this story and happy to be back in this fantasy world with these interesting characters again.

Likes: Playing with his puppy, getting the Princess to smile at him, hiding from his father

Dislikes: His father, having to try to get the Princess to marry him, and feeling inadequate at every turn.


  1. Hello, Jean! Your character sounds wonderful. Good luck with your novel and rewrites!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  2. Wait. Leoric didn't secure the princess' affections so the princess was going to marry Leoric's father instead? Did I read that right? (Slightly confused.)

    1. Not exactly, though his father would have gladly married the princess. Sadly (at least to Leoric and his father) she wouldn't have either of them.

  3. Kenric doesn't sound like my kind of character. I hope Leoric succeeds. He sounds like a good kid.

  4. It's great when characters surprise us and become more than we thought they were.


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