Monday, April 8, 2013

April A to Z Characters: G

G is for Gemmen.

Gemmen is from both Trust and Chain of Gray. He is the fatherly figure at the helm of the pirate guild (which is a quaint title for the people who take from those who have advanced tech and modify for those that don't). He gives the MC good advice to better his standing at his partner's side.

Not the typical young, volatile, glory-seeking Jalvian that the MC is used to dealing with, Gemmen's maturity offers the hope that the MC's people and the Jalvians can find a beneficial middleground in their efforts to keep the star system at peace.

In Chain of Gray, Gemmen becomes more of a father than a mentor and the emotional depth surrounding the relationship between he and the MC is much deeper. Throughout the storyline that spans both novels, Gemmen helps to shape the MC into the man he becomes.

Likes: A good glass of liquor, seeing the MC squirm a little, knowing that his people are taken care of

Dislikes: His nagging wives, that crazy look the MC gets when he's about to do something reckless, and not hearing from the people he cares about.


  1. He sounds like a wise man and a good character. Have fun with A to Z!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  2. You can't blame anyone for not liking a nagging wife! :)

  3. Gemmen sounds like a great character, and this pirate guild sounds fascinating.

  4. sounds an interesting character Jean - like a lot of guys I know.

  5. I like the idea of the pirate guild.

  6. Interesting sounding guy. Now how many wives does he have?

    1. Too many when it comes to the nagging side of things. ;)


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