Monday, April 22, 2013

April A to Z Characters: S

S is for Sahmara.

Sahmara is from her own story, Sahmara's Sunset. How nice of me to name the story after her, isn't it? This is the first novel I've ever written that I had the title before the story. That's usually one of the last things that comes to me. In fact, I had both the title and the last line. That's also something that is on my last thing list, though more appropriately so.

Sahmara also has the distinction of being the most misspelled character name that I've plagued myself with to date. I've lost count of the different ways I've spelled it. Usually one spelling sticks with me for several chapters before I take a break for a few days and go back to work on the story, thinking, hmm, does this look right? Was I spelling it with the h here or at the end? Some headdesking occurs. Thank goodness for find/replace.

When invaders from Altheria invade Sahmara's country, they rip her away from her sheltered life and take her to their home as one of their many slaves. Lost and alone in a foreign country, she turns to her mother's goddess for help. Her prayers are answered. Sort of. Help comes in the form of a bow, men's clothing and a rag-tag band of soldiers from her own country also trying to get home. There's also the small matter of payment to a blood-thirsty goddess for services rendered.

Likes: Warm furs, sweet confections, being safe and home.

Dislikes: Altherian slavers, blood on her hands, and moldy biscuits.

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  1. I also hate writing titles, so feel your pain. I like the Sahmara though. She sounds strong and obviously a great girl if she likes sweet confections! :)


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