Thursday, November 24, 2011

Victims of the Knife: The NaNo Interviews 24

The boys who don’t get blown up approach me warily. One says, “We’ve been charged with asking the question of the day.”

“It’s not about music,” says the other one.

“Well that’s a relief. What is it today?”

“Religion,” says the first one.

The other one nods. “Is it featured in your novel?”

“Yes, in fact it is.”

A loud pop sounds in the distance.

“What was that?”

The boys look at each other. “Nothing,” they say in unison.

“Uhh, yeah.” I peer into the paper-wadded landscape but don’t see anything unusual. “Anyway, Geva is the female god featured in my novel. Mr. MC’s people are pretty technologically minded but he still likes to think there’s someone out there to blame for his problems…err…I mean to pray to for help when he’s in a bad situation. He’s not one for actual worship and there aren’t any churches. I’d consider it part of his society’s perpetuated culture more so than a religion as we think of it.

“Ms. MC does follow the religion of the planet nearest where she was during a tumultuous time in her life. Using her telepathic gifts she became a middle-level priestess before giving up after being told she could go no higher because she was an outsider. So rather than bring peace to individuals through linking minds and performing healings, she became a soldier and sought peace that way.”

The pop sounds again followed by a rumbling bray that reminds me of a Wookie.

“What the hell is that?”

“Was that the signal?” says one of the boys.

The other elbows him in the ribs. “We’ll go check it out and get back to you.”

“You do that.”

They run to the edge of the desk and disappear.

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