Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Victims of the Knife: The NaNo Interviews 22

Glicfip perches on the edge of my very dusty candle holder. “Delilah said I should come ask the question for today. Something about making sure everything was good between you two?”

“Charming girl, isn’t she?” Not gifted with subtlety though.

“She is. She’s got lots of charms.”

“Oh, I’m sure she does.” I hold up my hands. “No details necessary. Don’t want to know.”

“Right. Sorry. Anyway, we were wondering what happened to your other NaNo novels. You seem to write them every year but no one gets discarded. Either than means you write a whole lot better than you used to or that you’ve never bothered to revise them.”

“First off, what’s this we thing? You and who else?”

“The guys. Well, except for the boys who don’t get blown up. They were too busy helping the Barthromians work with the dust bunnies, but now Captain Chuck has shut that all down.”

“Ah. And why do we care what’s going on with other novels?”

“Everyone’s holding onto hope for a way out of this character purgatory.”

“Is this one of those ‘or else’ situations where you try to pressure me into writing you all back in or some mysterious threat will appear?”

His gaze darts around my desk and he chews his lip. “Umm no. Not at all. Why would you say that?”

“Oh, just a hunch.” Delilah isn’t the only one lacking subtlety.

“Yes, I’m writing more carefully these days which means less character casualties—in the discarded sense anyway. Also a sort of yes as to the revisions. I have worked on revising Sahmara’s Sunset and Swan Queen and sold one of the short stories I wrote during last year’s NaNo rebel effort, but for the most part, my attention has been on cleaning up Trust for its return to queryland. I do certainly have plans to get to all the NaNo novels haunting my hard drive at some point.”

“Good to know. I’ll pass that on. Thanks!” He strides to the edge of the desk and descends into the paper-filled landscape.

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