Saturday, November 19, 2011

Victims of the Knife: The NaNo Interviews 19

I flick the card reading stealthily off my keyboard and peer around, finally spotting Nekar. The card reading invisibly doesn’t do a very good job of hiding him.

“Might as well come out. I can see you.”

“Damn. I need bigger cards.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that would help.” I drum my fingertips on the desktop. “So, what have you seen up here?”

“Nothing.” One of the cards in his hand drops.


I hold up the card and shake my head. “Nice try.”

“I was just doing some research. Really.”

None of the cards leap out to give me a clue so I just nod.

“Ms. Wildstar said you wrote that Mox guy into your new novel. I wanted to see if there as a place for me too. We’re not that different, me and him, you know.” He glares at the laptop. “But I couldn’t figure out where the hell you have your novel file. Your writing folder is a damned mess!”

“It’s organized chaos. It works for me.” I pick him up and set him far from the tissue box. “Sorry to say, it’s because you and Mox are not all that different that you will not be written into this novel.”

Repetition was an excuse they’d all come to accept, but in all honestly in this case, it’s because they aren’t the same at all. What kind of deluded image does this guy have of himself? Mox was a good guy. Nekar was a bad guy. He never even had a somewhat middle ground, for goodness sake!

“While you’re up here, do you have a question to ask me?”

“It’s not my turn, but the schedule seems to be off, so sure.” He pulls a copy of the flyer from a pocket in his coat. “Which authors or books have inspired your writing?”

In this case of this particular novel and main character, I’d have to say Steven Brust’s Vlad Taltos series. Assassins and dry wit are two of my favorite things. I happened to be reading the series when I changed the direction of Trust many years ago, switching everything from Ms. MC to Mr. MC’s pov.”

“I could do dry wit. I’ve also killed people,” Nekar offers.

“I know.” I pat him on the head. “But we’re back at that repetition thing again. You should run along now before you end up in a sticky situation.”

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