Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to the writing zone

I've officically crossed over into the writing zone. It's been a long time since I've been this deep into a novel. NaNo, my usual novel churning out time is filled with in-person meet-ups and online writerly fun. Short story and revision periods are accompanied by critiquing and chatting online with other writerly types. Full on novel writing? Well, I crawl into the back of my writing cave and turn into Gollum.

Signs you've crossed the line into the writing zone:

-You send your kid to school, knowing they don't feel well, so you can have your morning writing time. (Hey, he didn't have a fever, and wasn't throwing up or bleeding. I did tell him I would come and pick him up if he really needed me to.)

-You are a notorious do-not-disturb-before-10am weekend person but now wake up at 7am to write in silence while everyone else sleeps in.

-You have always been night writing person, but when life hands you a quiet morning schedule, you find yourself staring at a wide-awake morning writer person on the mirror. When the hell did this atrosity happen?

-You bring your kid to the money pit known as Chuck E. Cheese on a busy weekend and hand her $10 so you can have half an hour of writing time surrounded by the not quite white noise of fifty pizza-smeared kids screaming in glee. Sadly that half an hour also included turning in the tickets and five minutes of picking out trinkets. (We'll know I'm in real trouble when I sink to giving her $20.)

-And the final nail in the coffin: You are a professional procrasintator but now barely get on the internet because you'd truly rather be writing. (Sorry, all my usual procrastionation sites, I'll be back... eventually.)


  1. lmfao! Love the sending the "not sick enough" kid to school and pizza smeared surroundings.

  2. Ah I feel you! And yay for deep writing zone - I can't wait to read what you have written! :-)

  3. *leaves blueberry muffins on your blog's doorstep and tip-toes away*

  4. @Fred - The bad thing is, school is almost out and then I'll have to find new things to get them out of the house during writing time. Eek!

    @Chrys - you just want to see how much more description I can cram in this monster, don't you?

    Thanks for the muffins, Marion. :)

  5. LOL! All good signs, Jean. I'm enjoying my blogging holiday but obviously I need to disconnect from the Internet even more :D

  6. I think I'm there now too, at least getting there! :)

  7. Grats on the new-found motivation! Send some my way when you have a chance, will you?


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