Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Game of Thrones

So I'm a little late to the game. There's a reason though. Knowing how much I love George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books, I knew this HBO series was going to be pure visual crack. Hearing how much everyone liked it so far only make the urge to dive in worse. But I've been writing, and wrapped up in my own little world, I've been able to keep the urge for distraction at bay. Until this weekend.

After Friday off writing because of a sick husband at home and too much work to do, then a long weekend of yard work, errands, a few buckets of sweat and a lot of sore muscles, my body cried out for an excuse to sit on the couch. I sat there, chewing my lip and wringing my hands, contemplating sneaking upstairs to begin the series alone on my computer. I could watch as many episodes in a row as I wanted, when I wanted. Oh joy!

My annoying voice of reason squeaked that this was a bad idea. I needed moderation or my writing time would get swallowed by GOT episodes.

I mentioned the series to my husband, who had not read the books and knew nothing about the series. Thankfully, he offered to check out the first epsiode with me. He liked it. Now (as I set here biting my nails and flogging myself) I'm stuck waiting for him to have the time and inclination to watch the second episode. Oh voice of reason, how I hate you right now.

Maybe I could watch them and then pretend I hadn't when he gets around to having time to view them. Yes. Yes!

Ok, that would only be even more annoying than me jumping up and down on the couch naming characters, explaining everything about them during the first episode and physically restraining myself from shouting out spoilers. Best to take a deep breath, savor the first epsiode and get some writing done. Right?

Right. But I still hate you, voice of reason.


  1. Give it to him as an assignment. You know, "Baby, if you love me..." You chicks know how to do this. Stop with the pretense already.

  2. ROFL! True. But he has this silly idea of finishing the last season of Tudors that we were watching first. What is this silly idea of finishing one thing before starting the next? Obviously he's not a writer. ;)

  3. You've now mentioned two series that I must check out: TUDORS and GAME OF THRONES. So much watching to do, so little time. Last summer my visual crack was LOST. I'm afraid to get hooked on another series because I become rather possessed if I like it.

  4. The good thing about Tudors is that the series is done so you can power through all six seaasons pretty quickly. There are ten episodes or less per season. I'm finishing up the last season now. It's been great to see how much the central characters have grown and changed.

    Game of Thrones is only the first season so far and has only ten episodes. Then we have to wait another year for the next season. :(


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