Saturday, May 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Not Another Bard's Tale

I'm switching SSS gears this week to a Fantasy novel full of fun. One of these days I'll get around to writing the middle of Not Another Bard's Tale, but for now, I offer you Bruce, our not-so-fearless knight, as he mets the dragon for the first time.

The dragon snatched up the seer and chewed with what appeared to be a satisfied smile. It swallowed, then picked at one of his dagger-length teeth with a claw. Bruce's silver coin fell onto the counter. The dragon’s rancid, hot breath blasted over him. “You wouldn’t happen to know where the nearest lake is, do you? I always find mystics a bit dry.”

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  1. lol! This story is so funny. Love the last sentence! :-)

  2. HA! Love it!!! I'd read the book based on that last line alone! :)

  3. If the dragon finds a mystic dry then how does he feel about eating a knight

  4. LOL. I love the humor in this story! Really original.

  5. Oh, perfect! I love this. Chewing with a satisfied smile--love that! :-)


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