Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feeling productive

Despite overbooking myself for volunteer work, crazy amounts of actual work, planting our garden and an all day garage clean out project, work on the back half of Trust is still clipping along at a productive pace. Who needs sleep?

Everything is falling into place. Connections are presenting themselves that allow for further word count reduction. More description, motivation and tension is working its way in.

I start each writing session by reading the previous session's words. So far, only minor tweaking. No fits of 'OMG, this is crap!', or 'what was I on yesterday? This makes no sense'. We'll see if it all flows as nicely during the overall read through, but so far, I'm feeling positive.

Here's to hoping I didn't just jinx myself. Now, back to writing.


  1. The real test is to come back after putting it down for a month. :)

    Are you planning to run it through CC again?

  2. Probably not. I've run several versions through already and squeezed all I could get from there. Now that I know what the big issues are according to an editor, its a matter of fixing those points and doing a typo check. Then it's back to query land with this monster!


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