Thursday, January 6, 2011

Houston, we have a problem

My entry for the 100 words for $100 blogfest is here

Don't you just hate when you write a story and think it's great, only to read it a month later and realize it doesn't work at all? Ok, maybe you like when that happens. Each to his own. Personally, I hate it, and it just happened to me.

The second short story I wrote during NaNoWriMo should have been released to the critique hounds last week. I was on track for that to happen, busy rewriting here and there and getting rid of the general NaNo issues that come with vomiting a story onto a page in the midst of a ten hour, sugar and caffine infused write-in. Then that fatal moment came.

Three quarters of the way into the story, I realized that the twist I'd prided myself on fell flat. Not just flat, but run over by four lanes of highway filled with steamrollers flat.

This realization sucked, to say the least.

What sucked almost equally was that when double-checking the guidelines for the publication I'd planned to send this to, I discovered I also had to cut at least 850 words. And the tone was a dreadfully confused mix of dark humor and just plain dark. Oh, and the submission cut off is the end of the month.

Good thing I work best under pressure. Now I'm off round up my chainsaw, duct tape, and trusty stack of traffic cones. I'm not giving up on this one yet.


  1. Make it bleed. Oh man, I'm bloodthirsty this morning, aren't I?

  2. Aah! I was wondering where the next story had got to. Not to mention all those sirens and flashing lights down the highway across the border...

  3. Gracious. I'm at that point with my current novel. Thought I knew where the rewrite was headed, and then I hit a wall. Ugh.


  4. @Elena - Blood, it's the new coffee.

    @Botanist - The sirens aren't because of me. I swear. *whistles innocently*

    @Mysti - Together, we shall overcome!


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