Monday, January 10, 2011

A productive weekend

My traffic cone, duct tape and chainsaw session finally wrapped up last night, but I came through with a finished short story that should be steamroller free. The Employer is a hopefully somewhat humorous fantasy tale about Sam and one of the worst jobs I could imagine. You know, if I were stuck in a medievalish fantasy setting.

Sam has a job to do. Unfortunately, that means he's been stuck in a cave, serving a bloodthirsty dragon for the past two years. He's watched the dragon eat countless innocent people and he's filled inventory books with pages and pages of tribute brought to appease the fire-breathing terror. Through it all, he's served his boss with devotion. But when supplicants start spouting off an odd phrase, Sam's loyalty is truly put to the test.

What's the worst job you can think of if you were stuck in a medievalish fantasy setting? Yeah, I pretty much wanted to say medievalish again. I'm happy now. Carry on.


  1. I think it would be having to take samples of dragon stool. Specifically, having to stand behind/under said dragon to catch the stool in a really large sack.

    Your story sounds great! I'll look for it--when's it coming up?

  2. Congratz on getting the story back into shape! Medievalish. What a fun word. I do that all the time too; making up words because they are fun to say.

    The worst job. Hrmmm... Perhaps chamber pot sanitation engineer at a carnival. I think whoever cleans the dragons potty-cave probably has a pretty rough job too. Does Sam need to do that too?


  3. Ha! Both comments have a poop theme.

  4. I don't really delve into the dragon poo issue for poor Sam, but that does sound like a really (forgive me) crappy job.

    The story should be up next crit period. :)

  5. yeah, anything to do with shoveling crap. no fun.

  6. I think shoveling crap pretty much sucks whatever era you're in, but you add in dragons and... Yeah. That's a bad job.

    The story sounds great!

  7. That sounds like fun, Jean.
    *Dashes off to CC to set a crit reminder*

    Worst job? How about being the official food taster for said dragon?

  8. Thanks Marion. :)

    @Ian - Food taster for the dragon? Oh my, now that's a cannibalistic twist I'd not considered!


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