Thursday, January 13, 2011

To paint or write

In admiring Ian's paintings over at Views from the Bald Patch, I was urged to post some artwork of my own. I must admit that I put my painting supplies away almost twenty years ago, the oil sort anyway.

Way back in high school (we won't talk about how many years ago that was), my creative writing teacher wanted me to pursue creative writing. My art teacher wanted me to pursue art. I did my best to make both of them happy, drawing pictures for the school creative writing book and doing some writing for it.

Then there came an arts contest. All entrants could only enter one category. I could write or I could paint. Darn it. Both teachers tried their best to sway me to their cause. It came down to the fact that I personally liked my art teacher more. I painted.

I had a thing for fantastical peacocks at the time
(that floated on backgrounds and had absolutely no contact with the foreground)

I, along with the other involved students, went to the art show. I distinctly remember it being a long, awkward ride to some college in a car with my guidance counselor (our chaparone), his wife, and three other students. None of us won anything, but we all got a certificate. I have no idea where that certificate is now, but I still have my painting. It currently resides in the back of my husband's closet where it won't haunt me with the idea that perhaps I should have written something instead of painted.

It's not all sad though, I did enjoy many years of staining my carpet and clothing with paint after high school, and I still enjoy painting things, just not on canvas.
Christmas ornaments


and Fairies, amongst other things.


  1. Your artworks are fantastic, Jean!

    Back when I did [nerdy pastime censored], my favourite part was always the painting and the reward I got out of seeing my completed [insert cool project].

    Seeing these makes me realise there are things that I could paint that I can be proud of rather than embarassed. Such as dragon figures. Ah, the opportunities revealed to me!

    Thanks. :D

  2. Why is that painting hiding away, Jean? It should be on a wall somewhere prominent. It's amazing!

    I think as we grow up we start to constrain ourselves by what we think a painting should look like. The moment we think we can't do it, we can't. Don't let that moment steal your art from you. Paint whatever's in your head, and to heck with the rest of the world.

    Rant over.

  3. Auww thanks guys. To clarify, its not that I don't think I can paint anymore. I enjoy it, actually. It's a very relaxing hobby.

    It's more that I'm trying to focus on one thing - writing - more than the multitude of other creative hobbies/distactions I enjoy. Also, oil painting was just too expensive after a while. Writing doesn't cost me anything more than a few bottles of excedrine, and occasionally, my sanity. Writing also doesn't stain my carpet, which is a big plus for me. (I'm a rather messy painter.)

    It's all about the focusing. I can be kinda good a painting and be happy with that, but I want to be really good at writing. That's the pond I choose to dive into.

    Thanks for inspiring me to haul this painting from my closet for this post, Ian. I hadn't thought about it since it got buried in there. :)


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