Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My addiction

I admit it. Give me a good book, a really good book, and I'm useless for anything else.

I was wise, knowing my addiction, I waited to even open the cover of my newly arrived book until there came a day when I'd mostly caught up with work. Why? I've lost enough workdays to know that I will shirk responsibilty once a good book gets into my hands. Oh, I might get a few things done, after all, I don't want to get yelled at by angry customers, but I will read as much as possible while doing those jobs, including the three minutes it takes for the equipment to do its thing, while waiting for the computer to boot up, while programs to load, or because I derserve it for working for ten minutes straight.

After working an extra two hours last night, I found myself caught up enough to crack open the cover. This special occasion happened during the fifteen minutes I'd left early to pick up my daughter from her first night at bible school. I was alone in the car with my book. Ah, good stuff. Read. read. read!

We got home, I checked email. I sent the kids to bed on time--a rarity for summer break--and dove into my book for three hours. It would have been much longer, but the "turn that freakin reading light off already" vibe coming from the other side of the bed finally got to me.

I woke up early. On time, really, for the rest of the year, but early for summer since I don't have to get the kids up. Let's just say it was far earlier than I have since school let out. First thing I reached for? No, not the book. Amazing, I know. I had to watch ten minutes of morning news to see what was going on in the real world... and to see the weather report to further put my plan in motion. A nice day. Excellent.

Reading for two and a half hours officially started my day. I worked for half an hour. Then there were errands to run. I've put of getting my oil changed for a month. Oh hey! That's fifteen minutes I could be reading in the car! My oil is changed. The rest of the errands were run in record time.

Back home, with the storm clouds of last night clearning for the promised beautiful day, I laid out my plan. First up, the dog park. The poor dog has been shut up in the house, as much as I have lately. Besides, I can read at the dog park and the kids can play. Everyone wins.

Next, lunch. Then we're off to the beach. I don't care if the water is cold. As long as I can read, that's all that matters.

What I'm so madly reading:


  1. All that build up, for Naamah's Curse? I was totally expecting the beginning of some epic sci-fi or fantasy series :P

  2. It is rather an epic fantasy series (with some erotic scenes thrown in for good measure). This is the eighth book set in that world. :)

    And really, if it were the first book of something entirely new, I'd not have known to plan ahead with alloting reading time. Those ones are wicked surprises.


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