Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lies, I tell you, all lies!

Scott Free seems to be my blog muse lately. That alone is odd. Or was it crazy? No, he wasn't crazy, that was one of his lies. I'll get it straight, I swear.

Yes, I've been tagged with the bald-faced liar award... again.

Since I've already shared my lies and bequeathed the award upon others, I'm going to pass the honor to one of my favorite characters, Vayen. For a man from a novel called, Trust, how can you not... well... trust him?

This will probably be more fun for those of you who know Vayen, but everyone is welcome to play.

1. I am an awesome pilot. I can fly anything. This one time... well, I don't want to brag.

2. I'm a neat freak. Messy rooms drive me insane. I don't know how anyone can live like that.

3. Bring on the front lines, I'm a hands on kind of leader who loves to be in the middle of everything in person.

4. I have a thing for Caltessian and Verian women. If I could find an agressive Caltessian woman in a short-statured, devout Verian with telepathy, I'd be at Geva's gates.

5. Some might say I have substance abuse issues. I would say I like to have a drink now and then. Okay, fine, maybe a few, but my experience with drugs was not entirely my fault.

6. I harbor no grudges with my Caltessian co-worker. After all, neither of us was physically involved in the war that took my family from me. I'm sure he lost someone he knew too.

7. Profanity is intolerable.

Learn the truth about Vayen on Monday. He's quite happy to be let out of the book for a little while. I don't usually let my working characters out to chat. It tends to inflate their egos. Let's just hope he stays in line and doesn't catch sight of any discarded characters that he might hold a grudge with. That could get messy.


  1. Very original spin on the liar award :)

    Your character seems extremely interesting! And I agree; characters tend to get a big head when you let them speak for themselves, but then again, if you don't then they flat out refuse to let the story continue...very inconvenient.

  2. Thank you. I hate to let awards pass unmentioned, even if I have to play with them a little the second time around. ;)


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