Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye Freedom

Today is that fateful day of each school year that I weep a little in the morning and then resolve to have the best four hours possible before my freedom is taken from me.

Being self-employed, I'm used to a certain amount of freedom. Granted, when work demands, I'm on task and do what's got to be done, however long it takes, but when I have the leeway, I can schedule my day to allow for morning writing time, lunch critique time and maybe get a few paragraphs in here and there between jobs. Not to mention, writing after the kids go to bed--assuming the husband is busy with his own projects, which he often is.

But now the kids will be home. *wails*

"No school! Yay! We get to stay up later!" - Yay. Less writing time for me. Though, I'm getting better at blocking out the annoying kids shows and their canned laugh tracks so I can concentrate a little.

"Why are you eating at your computer, mommy? You should have lunch with us." - Because time sitting at table, staring out the window while shoveling food in my face is wasted time. Must multitask! (Yes, I DO try to eat with them when they are home.)

"Why are you eating leftovers? We don't want leftovers. We didn't like it the first time. We want mac and cheese! Make us lunch!" - Leftovers are quick and easy. Fend for yourselves children!

"Why are you always working on a computer? Why can't you take us to the beach?" - Well, at least at the beach, I can get some reading done since laptops and sand don't mix.

"Can we have friends over?" - Oh how I miss my silent days with only the occasional whining of the dog when he sees a squirrel. Heck no, I don't need additional kids around. Take all your friends outside, or better yet, go to their house.

"We're bored." So go write something. That's what I'd rather be doing!

Yes, I love my children. Honestly, I do. They are good, smart and get along fairly well for brother and sister, but... I love my quiet time too. You know, that whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing. So.... when are they implementing that year round school plan?

Countdown til school resumes: 87 days


  1. Whenever I hear, "I'm bored", I make them do chores.

    I never hear it these days....

  2. Ha hahahahahaha! You are hilarious! There's always summer camp. ;)

  3. Funny...This is the beginning of freedom for me...
    (But really, sending them over to their friends will probably work; and more so as they get older. By the time they're eleven, twelve, they'll be begging to leave. :D)

  4. Whaaat? School's finished already? You part-timers! My kids have another two full weeks yet.

    Not that it makes much difference to me. Those of us with office jobs are never around while they're at school anyway. It's my wife who has to put up with them (she's an EA so gets the same vacation. Handy.)

    I agree with Stella, though. Summer camps are a great sanity-saver all round.

  5. Our local camps cost insane amounts of money. At $300 per week per kid, I'll pass.

    I do get one week minus one child for boy scout camp, but I still have the younger one at home and without her brother to keep her occupied, she ends up more attention craving than usual.

    @ Krista - Chores are good. I do that too. heh. I think we're going with a weekly chore list this summer instead of waiting for the 'I'm bored'.

    @Scott - my son is twelve, but he's attached to the xbox and computer so more often that not, kids end up here to hang out rather than him leaving. Apparently I need to make my home less inviting. :)

  6. Yeah, we have a wide selection of day camps to choose from and they vary wildly in price. We try to get the kids out of the house for a couple of different weeks just to break up the summer and stop them going stir crazy.

    You mention having friends around, we find that when ours have friends over they are way less maintenance. They amuse themselves a lot better (as long as it's not destructive or dangerous!) so we like it.


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