Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm back

I'm still alive, though, no more sane than I was when I left with my car full of Girl Scouts. After all, I did volunteer for this gig, so obviously there is a general lack of sanity to begin with. Much whining, pitching of fits and swallowed pool water was involved. And fun. Though, mostly had by the girls and not us sleep deprived zombie drivers with one eye locked on the road and on on the GPS.

Things learned on this trip:

Boy scouts are prepared. Girl Scouts will forget essential things like a swimsuit, lunch money, a can opener and that one car who doesn't have directions that we're supposed to be making sure is following right behind us. Where did they go? Ooops! Thank goodness for cell phones.

I can not sleep with blinking lights right above me. I don't know what the heck these ceiling sensor lights were for but at 2:30 AM, white blinky lights in an otherwise pitch black room and snoring girls did not aid my efforts to rest.

No matter how many children are on the trip, my own will always be the one that truly drives me nuts. At least I can pull that one aside and give her an uncensored chewing out without threat of any other parental backlash.

I am cursed to be the one that must always follow the gorilla men into the hot tub. Sorry folks, I have a very low tolerance for extreme amounts of back/shoulder hair.

There are a lot more tattooed people out there than you realize when you see everyone fully clothed. (Yes, I'm one of them)

Customers will still need everything right now even if I'm not in the office. Messages and emails will pile up. No one will do my work for me while I'm gone.

Twenty-four hours away from computer access is hard.

Water slides are still fun.

Witnessing my timid daughter figure out that water slides are "awesome" is, well.... awesome.


  1. Glad you made it back unscathed.

    Hmmm..."no more sane than I was when I left"...and what, exactly, were you expecting?

  2. I had some faint hope that spending some time away from work and home would prove to be slightly relaxing and recharge my sanity level. Silly me.

  3. Nice try, but I think the "car full of Girl Scouts" might have given you a clue...:-)

    Well, having said that, Ali left Friday evening with a car full of Girl Guides to go camping. She organised a combined Guide/Cub camp (being a leader in both, silly woman) and they had such a fantastic time that we are talking about doing a private camp with the leaders and their families later on in the year.

    So, take heart, it can be done.

  4. You are a brave, brave woman. I don't think I could have gotten in that car at all!

    Great job keeping your sanity :)


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