Friday, April 29, 2016

A to Z: Short Beginnings Y

2016 THEME: Short Stories - at least the beginnings thereof.
YOUR PART: Throw out names, themes, random words or situations using the letter of the day and I'll pick some of them to include in the opening paragraphs of a short story.
WHY: I'm most inspired when there's a challenge involved. Usually that means an opening line or a theme. This month: your words.

My creative blender awaits your Y word suggestions in the comments section. Stop by tomorrow's post to read the story you inspired.

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X story: (ugh, X was hard! Thank you for all the suggestions so I could find a few that worked together.)
Ximena cranked up her music, glad the others in the lab had gone home so they couldn't see her singing her favorite Abba song, Xanadu into her microscope. She was just about to belt out the second verse when she caught what sounded like the door closing. Spinning around, she came face to face with Xenophon, her perpetually crotchety boss. Not that she blamed him, if her parents had named her for some ancient Greek historian that everyone had a hard time pronouncing, she'd have a chip on her shoulder too.
His eyes narrowed and his lips drew into a scowl. "What exactly are you doing, Ms. Fischer?"
She scrambled to close her music player on her laptop and return the screen to the chart she was working on. "Sorry, sir, it won't happen again."
"How is the study of the xanthium samples coming along?"
"Quite well." She zoomed in the chart, pointing at the x-axis. "See, I've isolated the genes that cause the burrs. We'll be able to pass them along to Dr. Washington for the trials tomorrow."
Ximena chewed her lip. Her stomach twisted and the muscles in her neck tensed. The few moments of relief from the music gone. "Are we doing the right thing here? I mean, what if the mutated crops get out of control? Starving our enemies is one thing, but we could be talking about an end to farming over the entire world."


  1. Xanadu was my X last year--the movie. My theme was the 80s.

  2. I'm glad you used Xanadu! For Y---- hmmmmm, Yucca, yellow, yucky?

  3. Hi Jean - well done on the X story - that was clever .. and yes what happens to the world ... I need food!

    Y - yob, youthful, yarrow,

    Cheers - nearly there .. well done - Hilary

  4. wow more X words than I thought - nice job


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