Thursday, April 10, 2014

A to Z Increase

Welcome to the 2014  A to Z Challenge. My theme for this year is why I shouldn't be participating. Thank you to David for writing the post that got the voices in my head working against me.

Increase. While it could be said that the point of this challenge is to get you motivated to blog more regularly, it's also about increasing the number of followers you have. That's wonderful and I'm all for it, but that requires visiting many blogs a day to read their posts and comment and eventually, if you really like the blog, follow it.

I met some fun bloggers last year and enjoyed their posts during the challenge and after, but I don't have much time this year for seeking out new blogs to visit on the very long list (more on that in tomorrow's post). I do thank you for taking the time to stop by, knowing full well how valuable that time is. I'm also glad to see some returning visitors from last year. It's been great reconnecting with you again!


  1. Visiting other blogs has been a struggle for me so far this year. I feel like my days are slipping away. But I'm loving visiting you; these have been some great posts.

  2. You are doing well so far for someone who is citing the reasons not to participate, Jean. From your pic in the top right, there is no way you're the age you say you are on your previous posts. I'm wiped all the time myself and sleeping very badly. I know all I need to do is cut out the caffeine and make some lifestyle adjustments, but the world is full of sposedas, right? About the morning writing: Sometimes when I have a set amount of time to write - and I have stuff to write - I will make great progress on work. All in all, I think your blog is quite a positive boost to your visitors. I won't look forward to a visit from you, Jean, but I wish you the very best in continuing. :-)

  3. It's hard for writers to develop an audience for their blog other than other writers...struggling with that myself.

    Donna B. McNicol
    A to Z Participant


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