Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Fail

Welcome to the 2014  A to Z Challenge. My theme for this year is why I shouldn't be participating. Thank you to David for writing the post that got the voices in my head working against me.

Fail. I don't need another thing in life to be disappointed about. I'm already six months behind where I wanted to be on building our house, then there's the teen son's grades and the fact that my novels still haven't found a home (but I'm not ready to dive into self publishing quite yet).

I hate starting something when I know there's a good chance I won't finish. Such as the counted cross stitch project I started oh so many years ago with great gusto and then had to put away for while to work on other things, then only hauled out once a year to work on during the Superbowl - because that's what I do during the Superbowl while I wait for commercials. As you might gather, I'm not a sports person. At the pace of one day per year, you might also gather that this particular project isn't progressing with any semblance of a satisfying speed. Hey, give me another forty years and it just might be finished.


  1. Yes fail is quite a theme - like the failure of me to promote last year's novel, at least I finished it I suppose - good luck with the projects.

  2. I know. I know. We have to keep on going, though. My drawer-novel collection is protesting their captivity.

  3. I'm a lot like you that I hate starting something if I don't have complete faith that I will finish it.

  4. It's not a fail! You're working on other things. Good for you! I think you should definitely put your novels first (writing-wise) and blog when you want to. I'm having fun with A to Z, but I've prewritten a lot of them, and they're super-short.

  5. It's not failing. It's just succeeding very, very slowly...


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