Monday, April 30, 2012

The story ideas, they're attacking!

So I signed up for this writing challenge in May - 31 stories. Short stories. The only stipulation is that no matter what the length, they must be a finished story (finished = beginning, middle, end). But the ideas! They're haunting me early! It's like someone turned on the faucet, and I don't have the right wrench to turn it back off.

Let's just hope the creative flow stays running once May hits.

I woke up with an idea. One of those ideas that won't shut up. Ever have one of those? I get them from time to time and generally, those are the stories that end up working. This one just sat there screaming at me until I got out of bed, opened my laptop and started writing.

The weird thing was, this is the not the sort of thing I usually write. In fact, I've never written plain old general fiction before. I'm a genre kind of girl. It blame it on the fact that I'm currently working my way through (meaning it sits in my car and I read when I'm waiting to pick up my son from track) Friedman's Fables. Which also isn't the kind of book I'd normally pick up, but there were slim pickings in the sections where I pick up books for my NaNo writing group prizes and it seemed like something anyone could get something out of. For the record, it is exactly that.

It's April 28, and I've just given birth to an 1,800 word short story called Sunset Cruise that I'm in love with (for at least today). For the record, I'm holding this in reserve as one of my 31 stories in case I miss a day because darn it, I wouldn't have even had this 'problem' if the challenge hadn't nudged my creative faucet.

Update: Two other ideas are knocking at the door. I'm fending them off for now. Hopefully they'll gather some backup and mob me tomorrow.


  1. You are a brave woman to take on that challenge. *bows* I am not worthy. ;) I have had ideas for a story that won’t leave me alone. Now that my exams are over and school is done, I hope to get to them eventually. Fingers crossed. What will you do with all the stories you write this month?

  2. If they don't utterly suck, they'll end up on CC and may find their way to submissionland. If they are pretty high on the suck scale, they'll be deemed 'practice' and take up residence with my other dust-bunny-gathering, attic-dwelling wordy children.

    Good luck with finding time for your story. :)

  3. Stories were talking to me, too, but I kicked them in the balls, hit them over the head a couple times with an ash tray, and dumped them in the Potomac. They shut up after that. Must. Finish. What. I'm. Working. On. Must!

    1. *runs for the Potomac with a net and a first aid kit*


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