Saturday, May 5, 2012

May writing challenge: Week 1

A Story A Day In May update:
(a daily log of  victory and shame)

May 1: Mary's Garden - 870 words of literary something I'm rating just above 'Meh'. I blame my hurried and lackluster effort an a hectic day topped with horrible allergies. But hey, it's got a beginning, middle and end so I'm calling it a success on that front.

May 2: Total  fail. There's something about two volunteer projects and an eleven hour workday that isn't conducive to writing a darn thing. Though I did find a prompt I'd meant to work on a month ago and put it in the percolator.

May 3: Total fail. See above.

May 4: A Little Thing Like Death - 1,840 word futuristic love story. The percolator paid off! The ending came to me last night. Loving it (as of finishing it five minutes ago).

May 5: Document 7 (untitled as of yet): 500 word beginning of sci-fi humor that just isn't clicking. It's been in the percolator for weeks but it's coming out strained. I'm going to let this one percolate for a few more hours and see if it goes somewhere in my head rather than wasting my morning with banging my head on the keyboard.

Sadly this means I'm pulling in my pre-May story, Sunset Cruise to bring my first week total to:
2 good stories
2 meh
2 fail
I'm taking Sunday off. I have a hangover on my calendar for May 6 (and a volunteer obligation later in the day), so unless the percolator hits me hard, there will be no writing.


  1. Well, even "meh" counts as a success, doesn't it? And good luck with your hangover plans tomorrow...I assume that involves some strenuous preparation today? :)

    1. Yes, much preperation. Though, sadly, these days, a hangover seems to mean more "I was up tearing down band equipment until 4am so I'm a zombie today", than "Dude, I drank so much I don't remember what happened last night". Though I definitely do plan to do some drinking. :)

  2. Sounds like you got a good week of writing in. Don't beat yourself up about the 2 mehs and the 2 failures. The first week was just a warm up anyways. You're plenty limber now. :D

    1. I'm stretched out, but it's time I need. :)

  3. You're a braver soul than me. I wimped out at the last minute. Interesting title on the futuristic sc-fi love story. Looks like that was the story of the week? Short story, or is there the prospect of expansion?

    1. Thanks, I rather like that title. :)

      So far their all stand alone shorts. (Which sounds like something I'd find on my son's floor before laundry day.)

      If I had planned ahead--you know how little notice we had for this silly thing--I might have tried doing a few serial stories, but yeah, probably not going to happen.


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