Monday, April 9, 2012

Banging your head on the window

As I type there is a Robin banging itself against my picture window. Repeatedly. I rather feel like this Robin.

I spent the majority of my Easter plunking away at chapter twelve of A Broken Race. Yes, it was fully written and all, but I didn't like it. It had repeated information and seemed to be missing some vital connection points between Chapter nine and fourteen. So I added them in. Ta Da! All fixed!

Oh hell. The previously 3,500 word chapter is now 7,000 words?!? *insert Robin body slamming the window*

And there's no tension at all? *more Robin*

But we need the connection bits or the story gets lost between point A and B. Sigh. *insert sleeping on it*

All my pretty pastel Easter words are getting flushed. I just spent the last two hours of my morning reworking the first half of the chapter to add some tension and severely reduce the word count. Thank you Robin, for understanding my frustration. Oh, and it's your reflection, you idiot! Quit doing that!

I'm off to hang something on the window and contemplate the second half of chapter twelve. I hope your day is less frustrating than mine and Robin's.


  1. Look on the bright're getting stuff down on the page. I'm trying to insert some backstory, I've got an idea how the scene should play out, but every time I try to write it, *nothing* emerges.

    Then my mind drifts off to blogs and other distractions...

    1. While I'm glad you stopped by...get back to writing your backstory! ;)

      Have you tried writing the backstory as a seperate document? Sometimes free writing what you need without the constraints of having to fit it between A and B helps get the ideas flowing and onto the page. Then you pick out what you need from that and work it into your story.

    2. The backstory bit is already written separately, and I figured out where to insert it. The trouble I'm having is in weaving it into the existing chapter in a convincing way.

    3. Ah, gottcha. I could send my robin to your house. I'm sure you have windows it would like to fly into.

  2. Oooooo! Nice new/old background. Sorry, I've been away a loooong time. I feel your pain, Jean.

    1. You have been away for a long time! Welcome back! :)


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