Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The waiting game

We write. We bleed on the pages. We wipe up the blood, format correctly and research our markets. We submit.

We wait.

We check email. We write. We check email. We go to work. We come home. We check email. We decree that we hate waiting.

We check average response times and discover we have a long time to wait. We sigh and write.

We fear rejection, but check email anyway. We feel positive, uplifted, because we had a good day, so we check email. We decree that we hate empty inboxes.

We check market websites. Responses have gone out. We check email. We sigh and write.

Days go by and the inbox remains empty. This just can't be right. We check email. It occurs to us, with a sense of dread, quelled by a sudden rush of utter optimism, murdered quickly by the second flood of dread, that we've not checked the spam folder in quite some time. We check the spam folder.

Rejected way back on day two. We decree that we hate the spam folder.

We write.


  1. Augh!

    I haven't started submitting yet, as my story is still in the editing mode. I fear the send and wait game, though.

    Best of luck. May you have more optimism than dread!

  2. Meh, yes it sounds real!! *hugs* We authors really have it bad...

  3. Look on the bright side...I'm impressed that you can include writing in amongst all that waiting. I find it nigh on impossible to write if my mind is not at least moderately relaxed, and the waiting game is anything but relaxing!

  4. I'm going to ask that you stop spying on me right now, cause there's no other way you could know that this is my life...


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