Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Battle of Snowman Hill

The neighbors might have thought me slightly deranged as I wandered amidst the hastily build snowmen with a paintbrush, but really, it's nothing new. Winter has brought penguins, dogs and dragons to my yard in the past, so why not a snowman battle?

It might have been the cold medicine, or perhaps a hope to engage my laptop bound son in an outdoor activity, but the snow was right and the temperature just above freezing so I indulged my creative urges. Bundled up and fortified with hearty Sunday lunch, I headed out into the front yard.

Why not the back yard? Because my son spent about five minutes outside, not helping, and I wanted him to have a good view of what he missing out on as he sat on the couch with his laptop in the warm comfort of our home.

My daughter helped instead. Which was nice, but she's much smaller and my cold wracked lungs were well worn out by the time I'd rolled most of the six snowmen's bodies, traipsed through the previously unmarred feet of snow in the backyard to the woods at the back of our property for appendages, and slopped all of the snowmen together. But she was having a merry time gathering icicle weapons for them and I was gaining good mommy points by the minute, so I persevered.

For the record, paint doesn't last long, not in the form you first paint it anyway. Good thing I grabbed the camera the moment we were done because they're faces lost all definition within ten minutes. The blood spread nicely though. Yep, snow men bleed red. Who knew?


  1. Oh no, there's blood on the snow! :-) Fun!

  2. Oooh! Creepy! Halloween in Winter Wonderland? Did you manage to frighten any little children with your creations, Jean?

    And have you ever made snowmen of your characters acting out a scene from one of your stories?

  3. At least it was painted blood and no warm-blooded creatures were harmed. :)

    Unfortunately, the temperature kept creeping up and by the end of the day, many of our snowmen had melted heads and their paint had all seeped away. No children were frightened. I'll have to try harder next year. ;)

    We did make a snow dragon twice, but that was techinically before I'd written either story that features a dragon, so I'd have to say no. Though, that does sound like fun.


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