Monday, February 7, 2011

Vlog excerpt: Not Another Bard's Tale

Today, we have a special treat. Elena over at You're write. Except when you're Rong, has posted a vlog excerpt of my WIP, Not Another Bard's Tale.

Lying about defeating a dragon will come back to bite you, literally.

Bruce Gawain, knight of questionable reknown, sets off to the wall of Nok to retrieve a stolen jewel and free a village from a hungry dragon's fury. In order to finance his quest, Bruce travels with the sword-brearing Olga and her curvaceous sister, Svety, chosen one of the Sheep God. They journey to Gambreland to stake out prospective locations for Svety's Holy Mutton serving Inns, save the country by reuiniting an over-achieving Evil Overlord with his long lost son, and find the dragon's stolen treasure before it eats everyone in the village.

This NaNo Novel from 2008 is the product of my efforts to have fun with as many of the items from The Fantasy Novelist's Exam as possible with the intent to end up with a coherent story. As you see by the WIP status, that's still up for debate, but I had a darn good time writing it.

Elena did a great job picking up on the silly humor of the piece. I hope you enjoy the opening scene.

If you'd like to see your excerpt brought to life, fly your dragon over to Elena's blog.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the video. I had fun doing the seer!

  2. I already commented on Elena's blog...I loved this. I see you happened to show my favourite quote from the piece on the link to the video.

  3. I ran the first half of the story through a private queue a while back. One of these days, ya know, in my free time ;) I'll get it cleaned up some more and maybe toss it out for critique again. I think if I cut it to novella length instead of trying for full novel, it would stay funnier and drag less.


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