Monday, September 13, 2010

Plot Bunnies

Along with changing a good deal of names in Trust due to some editorial feedback, my subconscious percolator has finally come up with a way to shave 14k off the word count and bring a good deal of scenes closer together to solve some other issues the novel was encountering. I have been working on it. Honest. But with NaNoWriMo lurking around the corner, my easily distracted mind is in overdrive.

In getting ready for this year's event, I've been working on new posters, t-shirts an a set of stickers based on plot bunnies. This led to checking out a crafy lead I remembered spotting last year: Cute easter bunnies. Easter? Noooo. Plot bunnies!

And so after a trip to the Dollar Tree, Big Lots and then Walmart to find the right kind of baby socks (really, I had no idea it was going to take an freakin hour to find a bulk pack of baby socks with a cuff! Not to mention there must have been a rush on back to school baby shopping because all the hooks, shelves and displays were all decimated.), a small portion of craft supply chaos invaded my living room.

The first few of my warren of plot bunnies came to life. I feel like I should be laughing evily here and milking the giant cow.*
Yes, I'm using buffalo snow for stuffing. It's the same darn thing that you buy for stuffing any other time of year, but after Christmas you can find it on ultra clearance.
Behold, the cute little bunnies. Cute, sure, but not quite there yet. They needed something else. So I went back and raided my craft pile. Mountain, really, but 'pile' makes me sound a little less obessed with crafty stuff, doesn't it? Maybe? Ok, humor me.
After some added flair, I present to you the first occupants of 2010's Plot Bunny warren.

Shh, don't tell my son that I raided his drawer of plastic weaponry left over from MIA action figures. It's a cool barbed sword and it even comes out of the little leather sheath I made for it for extra plot bunny fun!

Up next: the ninja, pirate and princess. Any other suggestions?

*from Heroics for Beginners. If you enjoy humorous fantasy, I highly recommend it.)


  1. Oh, if I only had an ounce of your energy and really your active creative mind. It takes mine about 8 hours to wake up, which then puts me up all night. Anywhoooo... I sense a TYR inspired bunny in the future? Mwuahahahahaha

  2. I can totally do a TYR bunny! I just need a tiny cowboy hat. hmmmmm.

  3. The plot bunnies! HAHA! I love it. :D Make a vampire one, do!

  4. OMG! Those are cute! You kill me. I love the sword.

  5. How could I overlook a vampire? *
    smacks forehead* I will add that too my list!

  6. LOL! Nice going, Jean. With all this boundless energy I guess you must be the original Energizer bunny.

    How about a Darth Vader bunny, with long floppy ears sticking out the top of its helmet?


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