Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting groovy

It's almost time to get back into the groove. School starts next tuesday. That means no more waving the husband off in the morning and crawling back into bed for an few minutes (an hour or two) before realizing I've slept all my writing time away and the kids have slept until 10. Again.

This is adjustment week. Up at 7:00am - 'up' as in awake enough to turn on the news and wave the husband off to work. I've been waking the kids up earlier each day. We were down to 7:30 this morning. Bed times have also been adjusted. So far everyone is taking the return to routine pretty well. Evenings have been filled with school open houses, and PTO, Girl Scout and Boy Scout planning meetings. Ah, fall. I'd love to say that I can smell it in the air, but its ninety degrees and horribly humid again today, and I don't want to think about what that funky smell is.

Very soon, I'll have the silent house to myself. I'll get some uninterupted writing time. Of course, there's still work to be done and volunteer obligations to meet, but I'm excited nevertheless.

Rewrites, short story fixes and Sahmara edits, I'm coming for you!


  1. Yup, kids back to school on Tuesday for us, too, although the new year of scouting/guiding type stuff doesn't really kick into gear here until after school starts. Enjoy your last blast of summer while you can, out here on the west coast Autumn has definitely arrived, like flicking a light switch. Grey skies & rain all day yesterday, after glorious sunshine the day before.

  2. Yeah, *you're* excited. I'm already back, and lamenting every bit of it. :'(

  3. Auww, Scott. My kids are still at the age they are excited about going back to school. I'm guessing that will change for my son soon. He's going into seventh grade this year but that still seems to be ok. :)

    @Botanist - When we were up in the UP, it was crazy how much of a difference five hours northward makes. The leaves were changing, the nights were down in the forties and the the grey dizzle had definitely settled in. I'm guessing we'll be there in a week or two as well.


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