Monday, September 27, 2010

I need a few more of these days throughout the year

Last year my enthusiastic wrimos asked to have an all day write-in during the next year's NaNo. Since my superhero self is buried under a cement slab in the backyard, I'm relying on two wonderful volunteers to secure the location. For my part, I spent yesterday making this poster. The boxing cyborg weasel will also be on t-shirts for raffle and I'll have free stickers for everyone who attends.

33 days til NaNoWriMo. I'm looking forward to a month of reveling in writing - the one time of year when my family and friends accept that I'll sneak off at all hours to write instead of me having to work around everything else that always gets in the way. More importantly, I have to put aside the excuses that I make for myself. Six hundred guilt monkeys are hard to ignore.


  1. Oooh...cyborg want one...

    Glad to hear Superhero is firmly incarcerated now and hope you manage to pacify all those guilt monkeys. Mine are all waiting in the wings still; I think they're keeping quiet because they want to play in the rigging of the pirate ship.

  2. Even better than the poster, I actually found a stuffed weasel at a nature center gift shop two weeks ago. Angels sang and a bright light shone down upon it. I'm busy creating a cyborg helmet to fit it's little head so he can be our offical in person mascot.

    Ah monkeys and pirate ships. There's a sight. :D

  3. And, oddly enough, they told me they all want to be called "Jack".


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