Monday, April 12, 2010

It's monday...

and I meant to get a post ready over the weekend, but work and family happened instead of blog writing. Then I was going to work on a post this morning, but a critique I received last night inspired me to cross off one of those nagging projects from the list I posted last week.

So instead of a fun post, I can at least say I finished editing and cleaning up my short and got it submitted this morning. It is still morning right? Whew. I still techincally have five minutes of morning left.

Now I'm stuck dealing with this character pacing my desktop, looking none too happy with me for being bumped off his scheduled debut.

"Sorry, pal, life happens."

Gamnock crosses his arms and glares at me. "What about my life? Remember, the one you deleted?"

Great, another character with a grudge. "Why don't you go find Xander for me and make sure he and Ms. Wildstar aren't doing anything totally inapproriate under my desk?"

"Xander is here?" He leans over the desktop, then pops back up with a red face. "I think I need to go have a talk with the boy." He scrambles down from the desk and disapears into the shadows.


  1. Real Life always throws stuff at you, and when you throw stuff back at him you find he's very resilient.

  2. LOL The post is always!

    Hurray for subbing the story! :)

    My day hasn't been quite as constructive. I think I narrowly avoided failing a test. :D

  3. The characters that aren't announced right at the beginning are the peskiest. They just crash inside your head, leaving butt-prints on your brain and chewing on anything they find, and you just can't wait to have them out of there.


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