Wednesday, April 1, 2020

IWSG: April Lockdown

If you're not familiar with 
Group, check it out here 
and find links to all the other 
participating writers.

I am fortunate to work from home all the time, so my income is generally not affected by this whole Covid-19 mess. But we have my elderly MIL staying with us so she's not home alone during this shelter in place decree.

Beyond that, most of my book launch events for Chain of Grey were canceled so I've been doing a few virtual ones.

Check out Quarantine Con for some fun con merch from the comfort of your own home.

or this author reading and interview series by How Writers Write
I'll be doing a reading from Trust on April 16 and having a chat with my poet pal, Michael D. Jones about his new poetry collection.

And also, I had the itch to add to our pet inventory.

It seems that I don't ask for anything for my birthday anymore. The past few years, I just get a new pet. 

It started with my little dog, Bitsy, five years ago.

My pond with goldfish.

Then came chickens.

Then, after losing a couple to illness and a hawk, the next year, we had chickens round two.

And this year, ducklings.

Next year? I think I'm good with creatures to take care of now, but I'm not going to say it won't happen.

Really though, with all the crazy going on in the world right now, we needed a little cute, cuddly fun.

I was just going to get two ducklings, but once I was there at the store looking at the big bin of ducklings of the variety they'd ordered at my request, my gut whispered for me to get three. Always listen to the gut.

We're on shelter in place until at least April 13 so that gives us plenty of time to get acquainted with our new ducklings. We've had them since March 24.

Right now, these adorable little feather babies are living in my writing room. How is that working for writing? Not all that productively I must say, but they're darn cute so I'll forgive them for making so much noise. Soon enough they'll be living outside and we won't be seeing quite as much of one another.

These three are Indian Runner ducks. They'll be generally flightless and will help clean up the bugs in the yard and my flowerbeds in between playing in the pond and hanging out with our chickens. We're just hoping they all get along. We won't know if they are male or female for a few weeks yet so here's hoping we have a couple females because I'm looking forward to some duck eggs.

How are things in your corner of this crazy world?


  1. Hi Jean - seems like homelife is coming together ... new pond, new garden, happy pets - what more could you want ... oh yes a happy home ... enjoy - take care with all that's going on. I'm quiet and peaceful here - with the space to remove some dust bunnies - would you like them??!! All the best - Hilary

    1. Glad your doing well. I have quite a warren full of dust bunnies already, but thanks for the offer. :D

  2. Things aren't too bad, but I don't have any ducklings. Yours are so adorable it's making me reconsider my life choices.

    1. I'm guessing your current life choices involve far less poop clean up than mine do. ;)

  3. Glad you're all safe. You certainly have quite the zoo going there. Be curious to see what critter you get next year.

    1. I'm sure my husband is hoping the answer to that is: Nothing. ;)

  4. Those ducklings are cute. You certainly have a menagerie (or farm) at your house. LOL Glad you're staying safe. It's great that you took in your MIL. One less worry. So sorry about the missed book opportunities, but it sounds like you're made some adjustments. Hang in there and stay safe.

    1. You too! One of these days we'll be able to see each other in person again.


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