Friday, March 20, 2020

It's crazy world out there and in here too

With this whole viral virus thing taking over the world and bringing many things to a standstill, daily life as we knew it a week ago seems so long ago. Today, being my birthday, I thought I'd take a moment to make a few lists to keep all the crazy in perspective.

Things I'm grateful for:

  1. I already work at home. Literally, the entire lower level of my house is dedicated to my home businesses. So hey, zero change for me there. 
  2. My main business is online (on various platforms). I'm all set with social distancing. 
  3. While many people, my son included, are off work due to closures, I'm working overtime.
  4. We regularly buy a three-month supply of toilet paper online and are all set for a while yet. 

Things that have changed this week:

  1. Last Saturday my 89-year-old MIL ended up in the ER for a leg infection. The hospital was full and couldn't admit her. She didn't want to transfer to the next hospital an hour away, so she's currently staying with us. So yeah, I'm working overtime and playing nurse. If I ever get around to publishing The Minor Years, which chronicles Anastassia's time as a Seeker on Veria Minor, yeah, it's based on real-life me right now. 
  2. My daughter is a high school senior and her school is closed for a month. We have no idea how or if graduation will happen. Or AP exams. Or lots of things. Lots of uncertainty going on for a kid who already struggles with anxiety. On the plus side, she gets to do what schoolwork they are assigning on her own time from the comfort of her room and also sleep in. So in that one regard, it's kind of a dream situation. 
  3. I officially became another year older. And after two weeks of overtime with one to go, I'm feeling it. 

Things that are not so great:

  1. I'm trying to evaluate my MIL's health situation and weigh the choice of maybe sending her back to her home or into a nursing home for good. Because apparently, out of five kids, I'm the one willing to make that decision.
  2. Nursing homes are also on lockdown so we can't tour any of them.
  3. I don't currently have time to make a bunch of phone calls, fill out forms, or be a nurse.
  4. I don't remember the last time I had a full night's rest thanks to my own sleep issues and my little dog's peanut-sized bladder and now I'm also getting up at least twice a night to help a full-grown human get out of bed and use the bathroom.   
  5. As it turns out, it's really rough to release a book while events are being canceled left and right and social media is on Covid-19 takeover. 
  6. I really want to be working on Dreams of Stars and Lies, but my brain is too scrambled to concentrate.
I hope you're all healthy, your pantries and TP are stocked and your employers are taking care of you. Until next post, keep washing your hands and let's hope this all blows over very soon!


  1. Hi Jean - I hear you ... I know what it's like without 'brain space' as I called it - I was just switched off ... could do the minimal - but just let me get on with it and I'd cope ... take care ...... time away from work now seems to be the order of the day - be there for your MIL, daughter, puppy and husband ... look after yourself - in a few months it'll have eased. All the best - Hilary

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jean. I hope you can find time to rest for you through all of these challenges. I work in the field of education, and it's a challenging time right now with so many uncertainties for so many people.


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