Saturday, April 18, 2015

A to Z: Beginnings P

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to leave words for me so far this month. I've had a great time trying to work as many of them in as possible.

THEME: Short Stories - at least the beginnings thereof.
YOUR PART: Throw out words from the letter of the day and I'll pick some of them to include in the opening paragraphs of a short story.
WHY: I'm most inspired when there's a little challenge involved. Usually that means an opening line or a theme. This month: your words.

Each evening I'll post the beginnings of a short story using some of the suggested words, As to when I'll end those stories...well, that's what the rest of the year is for.

So join in the comments with P words. names, places, moods, genres, things, whatever you want to throw at me. My creative bucket awaits. If you're here later in the day and I've already posted the story start, feel free to leave words for the next day's letter.

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The cursor sat there, blinking endlessly while Patrick perused his notes on particle acceleration. He wished he could be on his personal computer, but the power was out. Everywhere. The only computers up and running on campus where in the basement lab which were old laptops with giant heavy batteries. There were only two hours of battery life left and his paper was due in the morning.


  1. Peruse, percolate, potato, peacock.

  2. Parsimony, Personal Computer, Preferences.

    (great theme by the way! Reading more of your blog now!)

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

  3. Hi Jean - I think last time I was well ahead of the P for pack ... P for Patrick P for particle ... you have some interesting words to chose form here .. cheers Hilary

  4. yes we do like a spot of particle acceleration - nice one..


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