Friday, April 3, 2015

A to Z: Beginnings C

THEME: Short Stories - at least the beginnings thereof.
YOUR PART: Throw out words from the letter of the day and I'll pick some of them to include in the opening paragraphs of a short story.
WHY: I'm most inspired when there's a little challenge involved. Usually that means an opening line or a theme. This month: your words.

Each day I'll post the beginnings of a short story using some of the suggested words, As to when I'll end those stories...well, that's what the rest of the year is for.

So join in the comments with C words. names, places, moods, genres, things, whatever you want to throw at me. My creative bucket awaits.

And while we're on C... If you enjoy dark contemporary speculative fiction, pick up a copy of Acidic Fiction: Corrosive Chronicles, which features my short story, Healer.

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Clara stepped out of the campervan and peered at the clouds, hoping the rain they promised would hold off until she returned from her walk. She'd waited three years to see the caterpillars, saving every last penny to gather the bribe she needed to get into the restricted zone. Now she was finally here and they were just over the next ridge, protected from the residential zone where visitors like herself and the vast array of researchers and security people lived.

Two others ventured out with her, leaving their shelters behind to assuage their curiosity. Careful not to step off the dirt path, Clara made her way closer to the ridge.

The dirt turned from a fine grit to a powder, blowing in the warm breeze. The caterpillars had fully processed the soil in their search for the required nutrients to complete their metamorphosis. Clara reached the edge and got down on her stomach, peering down at the once in a lifetime view below. 


  1. I like the name Clara. Caterpillars, and clouds. Um, California. Are these good?

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

  2. I didn't realise you'd be updating the post later in the day. I thought it would be the next day. That's fast work!

    Careful, crystallise, campervan.

  3. hmmmm ok - crayon, capers, crustiness gooooood luck...


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