Sunday, March 15, 2015

To be Published: A Broken Race

I'm pleased to announce that my previous not quite announcement post can now be followed with this official one.

A Broken Race will be published by Caffeinated Press and is due out this fall in both print and e-book. I'm very excited to work this this new press focused on Michigan authors and my local community as well as the other important sales avenues.

The contract has been signed and now I await feedback from the content editors. And while I'm waiting...a conversation with my daughter sparked a search through my back burner short story file, and now I'm working on a YA sci-fi novella that I set aside a few years ago. I should say, hoping to work on, because I still have to solve the plot problem of how the MC is going to overcome the antagonist - which is exactly why this story was set aside previously. I have no clue. I suppose that means reading it over from the beginning and then some plotting is in order. At least my daughter liked it so far so that gives me some motivation to figure this one out and finally write the end.

But back to beginnings: The April A to Z challenge is just around the corner. There's still plenty of time to sign up to join me in the blogging frenzy.

And still on topic: Ever wonder why authors began writing? This week on Author's Answer, we cover that very question.


  1. Congratulations! You're starting on an exciting journey.

  2. I think I commented on an older post? I'm new to this Internet. Anyway, congratulations! looking forward to reading the novel.

    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it when the time comes.


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