Saturday, March 28, 2015

A to Z April Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

With April on the horizon, it's high time to reveal this year's theme for the A to Z challenge. I've previously gone though the alphabet with my characters and, last year, reasons why I shouldn't be participating.

This year, we'll be writing a short story! Okay, not a whole short story, but the opening paragraphs of one each day, using the appropriately lettered comments from the day before. Then, in May (or possibly June depending on when my publisher requires my edits on A Broken Race be completed), during my short story writing month, I will attempt to finish as many of these stories as possible.

Which means I need your help. Drop by each day to throw out some words from the letter du jour. I'll pick a couple as inspiration hits and into the story they will go. Each story opening will be posted the next day.

We'll get started with participation today, because planning ahead isn't my thing when it comes to writing. I'm looking for suggestions on character names with a random genre that will then be applied to stories throughout the coming month.

Suggestions? Go.

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