Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Freak Out

That moment when you go through your current submissions auto response emails, checking to see that everything is in order, no one is way overdue in responding...and you click through to the 'check your status' link...only to find that your story has been rejected. OMG you never got an email!

What about all the other responses you're waiting on? Have they responded? Especially the big one that you've been waiting on for over a year? You know rejection is so very likely. Did it just never arrive? Have you been holding out hope while your inbox long ago swallowed your optimism whole and launched into some twisted mind game? Just how many emails are you missing?

Heart pounding, dread welling in your belly, you pour over your submission spreadsheet, going project by project, referencing the list and your auto responses...

And then the headdesk moment comes. That's not even the market where you currently have  your project submitted. You were so damned busy the past few months that you'd never moved an outdated auto response from your current submission email folder! Gah!

Deep cleansing breath.

Let the waiting resume.

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