Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 one word resolution

For the last several years, I've been favoring the simplicity of a one word resolution for the new year. It seems to work fairly well for me.

In light of a pretty craptastic one two punch at the end of 2013 of two friends dying within a month of each other, the realization that you've got to use every minute wisely came back to the forefront. That, and I've gained a few pounds since the last funeral I'd attended because my usual funeral attire was really darn snug around the waist. But I'm not so concerned about the weight as I am about making time to do what I enjoy doing. So this year I will still work my butt off (despite the irony of still having the weight of it), play mom taxi each and every day, and there will still be stress with the house building fiasco. But I will make as much time as possible to write.

It might not be good, but even under ideal circumstances, the spewing forth of garbage happens sometimes.

So this year, I will WRITE.


  1. Wow! I've lost track of the numbers of folks I know who've had crappy things happen in 2013. A few pounds in weight here or there is not important enough to be wasting time fretting about. Make time to do what is important to you! Happy New Year.

  2. God sorry to hear about your friends - really awful. Thought about the old weight loss resolution but too much of a cliche so maybe will just stuff my face all year ...


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