Monday, March 4, 2013

Reading and Echoes

Ever have the feeling your email must not be working because there's nothing in the inbox? So you check it. Frequently. Because darn it, something should be in the inbox.

That's my inbox the past month and half. I'm usually a pretty patient person when it comes to the submission waiting game. I really am. But I've got four projects floating out there at the moment and they've all been out from one to six months. Usually there's at least one project that bounces back with a quick form rejection to prove that my inbox is indeed operational. Not that I'm begging for a quick form rejection, that just how the submission game usually works.

Now that I've broken down and complained about it, the rejections will come flying in. That's also how it usually works.

Deep cleansing breath.

While I'm waiting, I've been busy writing. Swan Queen, which I've been searching for a new title for now that I've adjusted what I'd originally set out to do with the theme, is creeping along. Chapter three is now done.

I've also been busy reading. However, not much from my TBR pile. That pile has been there long while as have two books I'm in the middle of that I just can't seem to finish reading. Nothing is lighting my fire at the moment. Meh. Even a trip to the bookstore didn't reveal a book that I knew I could dive into and love. Tis a sad state of anxious emotional affairs I've worked myself into.

Instead of reading from my pile, I did critique a full novel last month. My month of reading accomplishments isn't totally lacking. I also had the driving urge to read Trust and Chain of Gray. Not for editing, but for enjoyment, though I did fix a few lurking ninja typos. Sneaky bastards.

Now it's time to get back to chapter four and, yes, waiting.


  1. It's good that you can read your own work for enjoyment. I've always felt slightly guilty and narcissistic doing that. Glad to find I've got company :)

    1. The point where you can just read and enjoy without making notes of things to fix: I like to think that means it's "done". You should never feel guilty about being done. :)

  2. All my sympathy on the waiting game. I have a full MS of my novel with two agents at the moment (plus queries with several others and some contest things) and I am compulsively checking my inbox too. Very sad, but it's just part of this writing thing.

    I love the dictionary tiles, by the way - would be perfect for your wrimos in November (I ML too).

    1. The tiles will be going to my wrimos. :) I spend most of my off November time working on crafty things for them.

      Good luck with all of your submissions!

  3. I'm curious why you don't self-pub on Amazon. I think you might do well over there. You spend $30 on a cover, and voila, post the story.

    1. For shorts or novels? I've considered self-pubbing the novels but I haven't had the time or funds to sink into an editor and cover at the moment. Not to say I won't take that leap if other options don't work out though.

      Both novels are out looking for a home as of this morning. *crosses another thing off my bucket list*


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